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【マギレコ】マギアレコード攻略wiki|完全無欠の攻略データベース | リセマラランキングからキャラクター評価、解析、考察、素材ドロップまとめなども!マギアレコード(マギレコ)の攻略wiki! Meta Description

マギアレコード 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ外伝(マギレコ)の攻略wikiです。各種イベントの最速攻略、ガチャ、解析、素材ドロップ場所一覧から全メモリアの評価なども。フレンド募集版も完備!マギレコの攻略の参考にご利用ください! Test Results Mobile Usability: 96/100

Quick overview:
Size content to viewport
The page content is too wide for the viewport, forcing the user to scroll horizontally. Size the page content to the viewport to provide a better user experience.
The page content is 683 CSS pixels wide, but the viewport is only 412 CSS pixels wide. The following elements fall outside the viewport:
The element <div></div> falls outside the viewport. Mobile Speed: 24/100

Quick overview:
Avoid landing page redirects
Your page has 10 redirects. Redirects introduce additional delays before the page can be loaded.
Avoid landing page redirects for the following chain of redirected URLs.
Enable compression
Compressing resources with gzip or deflate can reduce the number of bytes sent over the network.
Enable compression for the following resources to reduce their transfer size by 913.4KiB (79% reduction).
Compressing could save 894.1KiB (80% reduction).
Leverage browser caching
Setting an expiry date or a maximum age in the HTTP headers for static resources instructs the browser to load previously downloaded resources from local disk rather than over the network.
Leverage browser caching for the following cacheable resources: (60 minutes)
Minify HTML
Compacting HTML code, including any inline JavaScript and CSS contained in it, can save many bytes of data and speed up download and parse times.
Minify HTML for the following resources to reduce their size by 4.4KiB (15% reduction).
Minifying could save 4.4KiB (15% reduction).
Optimize images
Properly formatting and compressing images can save many bytes of data.
Optimize the following images to reduce their size by 1.8KiB (15% reduction).
Compressing could save 1.8KiB (15% reduction).

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