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دولت بهار: رئیس دولت کلید ضمن فراموش کردن دوره ای که در روز دانشجو عکس دکتر احمدی نژاد را مقابلش آتش زدند، ... به گزارش دولت بهار به نقل از فارس، حسن روحانی در مراسم بزرگداشت روز دانشجو که در دانشگاه صنعتی شریف برگزار شد گفت: 16‌ آذر سال 32 به هیچ مقطع زمانی محصور نخواهد شد و 16 آذر روز تاریخی برای دانشگاه‌ها و دانشجویان ملت بزرگ ایران است. وی ادامه داد: دوران تاریک و سیاهی بود، چند ماه بیشتر از کودتای 28 مرداد نگذشته بود اما آن سه قهرمان در برابر لوله‌های تفنگ ایستادند و بالاخره راهی را برای جوانان ما ترسیم کردند که در نهایت به 22 بهمن 57 که روز استقلال، Test Results Mobile Usability: 58/100

Quick overview:
Use legible font sizes
The following text on your page renders in a way that may be difficult for some of your visitors to read. Use legible font sizes to provide a better user experience.
The following text fragments have a small font size. Increase the font size to make them more legible.
کد بنر دولت بهار برای وبلاگ and 19 others render only 3 pixels tall (11 CSS pixels).
Size tap targets appropriately
Some of the links/buttons on your webpage may be too small for a user to easily tap on a touchscreen. Consider making these tap targets larger to provide a better user experience.
The following tap targets are close to other nearby tap targets and may need additional spacing around them.
The tap target <a href="archive.php" class="logomenu">آرشیو</a> and 11 others are close to other tap targets.
Configure the viewport
Your page does not have a viewport specified. This causes mobile devices to render your page as it would appear on a desktop browser, scaling it down to fit on a mobile screen. Configure a viewport to allow your page to render properly on all devices.
Size content to viewport
The page content is too wide for the viewport, forcing the user to scroll horizontally. Size the page content to the viewport to provide a better user experience.
The page content is 1,000 CSS pixels wide, but the viewport is only 980 CSS pixels wide. The following elements fall outside the viewport:
The element <a href="hemayat.html" class="logomenu">حمایت از دولت بهار</a> falls outside the viewport.
... Mobile Speed: 48/100

Quick overview:
Leverage browser caching
Setting an expiry date or a maximum age in the HTTP headers for static resources instructs the browser to load previously downloaded resources from local disk rather than over the network.
Leverage browser caching for the following cacheable resources: (expiration not specified)
Reduce server response time
Optimize images
Properly formatting and compressing images can save many bytes of data.
Optimize the following images to reduce their size by 158.1KiB (27% reduction).
Losslessly compressing could save 65.6KiB (81% reduction).
Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content
Your page has 1 blocking script resources and 1 blocking CSS resources. This causes a delay in rendering your page.
Remove render-blocking JavaScript:
Optimize CSS Delivery of the following:
Minify HTML
Compacting HTML code, including any inline JavaScript and CSS contained in it, can save many bytes of data and speed up download and parse times.
Minify HTML for the following resources to reduce their size by 638B (2% reduction).
Minifying could save 638B (2% reduction) after compression.
Minify JavaScript
Compacting JavaScript code can save many bytes of data and speed up downloading, parsing, and execution time.
Minify JavaScript for the following resources to reduce their size by 623B (17% reduction).
Minifying could save 623B (17% reduction) after compression.

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