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百脑汇始终秉持“价廉又物美 服务百分百”的经营理念,已成为中国电脑大卖场第一品牌。百脑汇已有18家专业大型IT商场分别设立在上海、南京、常州、成都、沈阳、郑州、天津、合肥、杭州、广州、长春、西安、哈尔滨、大庆、厦门、无锡、青岛、淄博等城市。在不远的将来,百脑汇将在中国35个主要城市成立电脑商场,打造大陆最具代表性的IT终端零售通路。 Test Results Mobile Usability: 99/100

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Minifying,/crm/wpa/release/3.3.8/wpa/wpaMgr.js,/crm/wpa/release/3.3.8/wpa/visitor.js,/crm/wpa/release/3.3.8/wpa/kfuin.js,/crm/wpa/release/3.3.8/util/proxy.js,/crm/wpa/release/3.3.8/util/titleFlash.js,/crm/wpa/release/3.3.8/util/cookie.js,/crm/wpa/release/3.3.8/wpa/WPA.js,/crm/wpa/release/3.3.8/util/getJSONP.js,/crm/wpa/release/3.3.8/wpa/filter.js,/crm/wpa/release/3.3.8/wpa/ta.js,/crm/wpa/release/3.3.8/wpa/invite.js,/crm/wpa/release/3.3.8/util/taskMgr.js,/crm/wpa/release/3.3.8/lang/browser.js,/crm/wpa/release/3.3.8/util/pad.js,/crm/wpa/release/3.3.8/util/Bits.js,/crm/wpa/release/3.3.8/util/events.js,/crm/wpa/release/3.3.8/util/onLoad.js,/crm/wpa/release/3.3.8/util/offset.js,/crm/wpa/release/3.3.8/util/Panel.js?v= could save 8.3KiB (34% reduction) after compression.
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